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Jessica Falconer is a school social worker who lives in Belfast, Maine with her two feral children, ages three and six, her relatively tolerant but grumpy husband, and the neurotic family dog. She is wicked blunt and slightly crazy with a sense of humor that gets on some people’s nerves. Parenting is her most difficult challenge yet and she hopes desperately to survive.

TMI, Mom!

Let me preface this post with identifying myself as a certified OWL teacher. What’s OWL, you might ask? OWL is the acronym for Our Whole Lives, the Unitarian Universalist version of sex ed. That’s really a gross over-simplification; what makes OWL unique is its focus on intimacy, respect, and introspection, with a distinct lack of […]

The V-Word

Growing up in a neighborhood that was dominated by the Southern Baptist church at its center, I was hell-bent on fitting in. Yes, bad pun intended. Seriously, though, I desperately wanted to fit in, and my family didn’t go to church, especially not the Southern Baptist kind. I was confirmed in a liberal United Methodist […]

I Went to Church for Childcare

When my now six year old son, Thing One, was born, at Waldo County Hospital in Belfast, I didn’t know many adults in town. My first year in Belfast, I worked at the Game Loft, an after-school program that utilizes non-electronic games (including role playing games). It’s particularly appealing to youth on the spectrum and […]

The First Confession

I live in Belfast, Maine, and I don’t shop at the Belfast Co-op. This is absolute sacrilege in this town – or it is in the other four wards. And I have dear friends who live in the other four wards who shop there almost exclusively. This not a blog post that intends to criticize […]